Send over multiple PDFs of a same QS Dashboard with different filters

Hi All,

is it possible, from a unique QS Dashboard, send over multiple email based on same Dashboard but filtered, for each email report, differently?

Eg. I would like to send an email (with PDF attached) to:
Group A → Analysis with filter on Country=IT
Group B → Analysis with filter on Country=ES


This is not possible at the moment. What you can do is publish the dashboard twice with 2 different filters.

We are working on a functionality that will allow users to create multiple personal views. I would expect us to provide ability to create emails for those views in 2022.

Hi @Tatyana_Yakushev Just came across a similar issue, can you confirm if the functionality is now existing in QS and how to go about it?

By “multiple personal views”, I think she may have been referring to the bookmarks feature that was released earlier this year.

Thank you @David_Wong

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