Send to all users with access


When setting a dashboard schedule to - Send to all users with access, I have to share the dashboard with all users one by one or it’s sends the report to all users that have an access to the dashboard via Shared folders?


It’s not limited to users who have access through shared folders. It also includes users or groups that you shared the dashboard with directly on this page:


Ok but it is also include users who have access to the shared folder where dashboard is shared to, right?

thank you

Yes, that’s right. The screenshot I posted also shows the shared folders that the dashboard is in, so users who have access through those shared folders are also included.

the mail is not being sent. It also doesn’t appear in the user’s spam folder.
I’m as the scheduler do get the mail daily.
Can you think for any reason of why that happens?


I wonder if it’s a bug. You would think that “Send to all users who have access” would include those who have access through a shared folder. I tested it and also don’t receive the email if my access to the dashboard is through a shared folder. However, if you add the users to a group and select the group as recipient, it seems to work.

Can you also check the last 2 conditions in this screenshot?

Hi @David_Wong

The recipients are active users in Quicksight.
I don’t exceed 5000 users. Far from it.

If doesn’t send to users who have access through shared folders, it is confusing.