Separate chart for each row in table?

I have a pivot table with a list of classes for the rows and a list of scores from 1 to 10 for the columns. I would like to generate a separate horizontal bar chart for each class, one on top of the other. The classes have different names at different times so I can’t set of separate filters- I have to generate the graphs dynamically row by row.
The data would look like this:
and what I am trying to get is this:

Is there any way to do this in QuickSight?

You would have to unpivot your dataset to make it look like this:

Then create your vertical bar chart like this with the Class field in the Small Multiples field well:

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Wow - what an amazing solution! Thank you!

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I think the tough part is the unpivot of dataset. Anything quicksight can do to automate the unpivoting?

Agreed. You would have to either use custom SQL in QuickSight or Glue DataBrew as suggested in this post: