Serial number

How to add Serial numbers for a table in visual. Do I need to create a calculated field, if yes, what is the formula i need to place there? I need o/p like this. Can someone help me?

Sno Company Name
1 Company A
2 Company B
3 Company C

This can be achieved by creating calculated field using Rank and Concat Function. Refer the example already covered in previous post - How to add a new column in (Row ID) which is sequentially increasing - #3 by Biswajit_1993


Thank you so much @Aneek_Arora

A follow up question on this - In the above solution, can we place that row_id column in the first place and then add other columns ? because the column is getting added at the last, how can we add it in the beginning?

In my scenario - I have only one column and the other column is serial number, when i have followed the above formula my o/p is like this

Category S.No
abcde 1
efghih 2
yuiokj 3

Hey Shravya,

You can rearrange the columns in the table, left click on the column name and there would be an option to move the column.

Hope this helps.