Set a constant color pallet for a pie chart

Hi @abacon

I have a pie chart which its group/color is a calculated field with changing values.
For example it can determined by user choice.
one time it can be employee and next time country.
it can be up to 5 slices each time and then all the rest wilk be placed under Other category.
All values are sorted by metric.
How can I set a constant color pallet, where the first (biggest) value gets color X and the next after gets color Y etc.?
After reading the documentation, it seems I can set the color for a specific element (in my example specific country) or for the whole pie chart.

Any Ideas?


Color change only allowed in during development on Analysis.

Dashboard not allowed end user to change the pie chart color.

Naveed Ali

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I’m talking about dashboard


Dashboard not allowed to change right now.

Naveed Ali

I’m sorry, talking about analysis.

You can set up a theme. In the theme the order of your color pallet will travel across all visuals in an analysis.

Then sort your pie chart by your values.


Hi @amico Did Max’s solution work for you? Let us know if this is resolved. And if it is, please help the community by marking his answer as a “Solution.”

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Hi @Steph

Yes it did!
Just marked it.