Set default values for dynamic parameters

I have a question about ‘dynamic parameters’.
Dynamic parameters map values for each groups/users.

(e.g., user/groupname | Value
Alex | A
John | B
Bob | C
Lucas | C …
. just like RLS)

But we have so many users and groups.
They will all have the same default value.
So, on the contrary, is it possible to set a default value and mark in exceptional situations?

(e.g., user/groupname | Value
Default. | C. (<- include Bob, Lucas …)
Alex | A
John | B

With this method, I think I can get a lot of help with RLS in the future.

  • I know that parameters can set their own default value in analysis level.
    But I want to bring value through SQL.
    It seems difficult to use SQL values as parameter defaults in the analysis stage.

    If there’s a way to get parameter defaults through sql without using dynamic parameters,
    I would appreciate it if you could let me know how to do so.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Check this one.


Hello @Naveed, thank you for your reply!

I looked at the document you gave me.
This appears to be about setting parameter defaults.

But as I explained earlier, we want to receive SQL result value as parameter default value.
Therefore, it is inevitable to use dynamic parameters because it seems impossible to receive parameter defaults as SQL result values in the analysis stage. (Refer to the documentation, it seems that the default value is only set to the text, number, date value that entered myself.)

If not, you mean that I can get the default value of the parameter as a SQL result? If there’s anything I missed, I’d really appreciate it if you could tell me. :slightly_smiling_face:

I attach a photo to help you understand. We are using this result as the value of the dynamic parameter. However, this value is output only when specify user/groups. I want to make all the users see the value.

  • For your information, I know that By using rolling function, we can print out the current date. However, I want to use the year value as the title of the visualization object. If we use rolling, we have to use 2023-01-01 as the title of the object, not 2023 that we want, so it is difficult to use.

Why can’t you run the sql, get the result, and then join it onto your groupname or username?

That should show the results and have a dynamic default for each group.

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