Set label for target value in KPI Visual


I’d like to set a different label for the column in the KPI visual. The technical name is not readable to a consumer. Am I overlooking the appropriate way to adjust the label?


Anyone? Have I chosen the wrong label on the forum?


As far as I know, you can’ change the label for either target or KPI in the visual. You can only change title/subtitle.

I’d create a replica of your target value with the desired name and use that one.

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Thanks, not liking that solution since it creates a lot of useless objects and makes a dashboard difficult to be maintained by others. But unfortunately there is no other proper solution.

Hey @LinkeLoutje

If you want, you can create a calculated field that references the same field but name that calculated field how you like.

These two fields are regular fields coming from our dataset.

Here is my new calculated field and it’s name.


If I put that new field in it will change the KPI name.

Thanks Max! As I understand this is the same solution orutra11 offered. The reason I’ve been looking for other methods is that I feel I have to create a lot of (useless) objects in Quicksight. Whenever I have to transfer my dashboards, there’s a lot of unnecesary documentation and explaining involved.
Additionally, other visuals do allow for relabeling. Quicksight is not yet consistent.