Setting cascading filtering with field filtered on parameter

I am passing parameter value from one dashboard to another dashboard as part of URL using ‘URL Action’. Now, on second dashboard filtering the table based on passed parameter which is working perfectly fine. I do have two filters set up on two other fields. Can I establish the cascading filtering between passed-parameter-field-value and other two fields.
Appreciate all the suggestions.

Have you looked into checking relevant values?

@Max Thanks for information. Yes I did look at that thread but hiding that filter is not enough as the filter selection is dynamic. I am passing a parameter value , col-A, from one dashboard and filtering the table on second dashboard based on passed parameter-col-A value. I intend to establish cascading filtering between col-A, col-B & col-C (two other fields from that table). Is there a way to place that passed parameter-value into col-A filter selection otherwise the user has to manually select that passed-parameter value for col-A to see relevant col-B & col-C values.
Really appreciate all the suggestions !

I don’t believe this is possible yet. I can mark it as a feature request.