Setting up a connection to a VPC

I am attempting to add up a VPC connection but after I do.

I get the following message for all the availability Zones “CREATION_FAILED” and it doesn’t say why. How do I find this out ?

Hello @gaynorg, I am thinking that your VPC connection is not configured correctly with your QuickSight account. Here is some documentation for some more information about how to properly establish that connection with the console. Let me know if it looks like that connection is set up properly and what permissions you have set, and we can try to debug.

Also, make sure you have Inbound and Outbound rules well set as part of Security Groups within VPC . Follow this article for your VPC connection Connect to database over VPC connection

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As far as I am aware I have set it up per this instruction

I was wrong, I missed some of the user role permissions…

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Hello @gaynorg, I am glad you were able to figure it out. Please feel free to post a new question if you run into any other issues with your VPC connection or a different issue in QuickSight. Thank you!

Hi Dylan, I have done just that. If you can look at my new topic that would be great.