Setting up dropdown menu to allow for multiple selections

Hello! What is the proper way to build a drop-down menu that allows multiple values selection?

Hi @vceban

If you creating controls using Filter, you can choose “Dropdown - multiselect” from format control options

Or If you want use Parameters as controls, then create a parameter with “MultipleValues” option and create a control, which lets users to select multiple values

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Thank you for your help. I followed your instructions, however, when I make a selection from the dropdown list, it doesn’t pull up my data. How can I fix that?

Hi @vceban

Please check the filter is applied to the Visual or not . If the same filter needs to be applied to multiple visuals select “All Visuals of this dataset”

If could you could share the screenshot will be helpful to analyse.


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Hi @apjvinod ,

Yes, filter selection is to “All visuals to this dataset”:

When I try to select one or more of the values, it doesn’t populate my table accordingly - there are no changes to it.