Setting up dropdown menu to allow for multiple selections

Hello! What is the proper way to build a drop-down menu that allows multiple values selection?

Hi @vceban

If you creating controls using Filter, you can choose “Dropdown - multiselect” from format control options

Or If you want use Parameters as controls, then create a parameter with “MultipleValues” option and create a control, which lets users to select multiple values

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Thank you for your help. I followed your instructions, however, when I make a selection from the dropdown list, it doesn’t pull up my data. How can I fix that?

Hi @vceban

Please check the filter is applied to the Visual or not . If the same filter needs to be applied to multiple visuals select “All Visuals of this dataset”

If could you could share the screenshot will be helpful to analyse.


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Hi @apjvinod ,

Yes, filter selection is to “All visuals to this dataset”:

When I try to select one or more of the values, it doesn’t populate my table accordingly - there are no changes to it.

Hi @vceban

Do both of your datasets have the exact same name of org? That needs to be the case for this to work.

Hi Max,

All the datasets have the same name of org.

Hi @vceban ,

From the screen shot you pasted earlier - You have defined a filter of type Filter list.
From earlier posts, seems like you have a control feeding values into a parameter.

If this is your setup, your visuals won’t change with the changes you make in the control - As the changes are set into the parameter but is not being used in the filter.

You have two options

  1. Change the filter type to Custom filter, enable the Use parameters option and pick the relevant parameter from the drop down and click Apply. The visuals should now respond to the changes you make in the control.

  2. On you existing filter, click the ellipsis and select Add to sheet. This will add a new control to your sheet (one that works directly with this filter without a named parameter)

Arun Santhosh