Setup a Development / Production environment on one account

I’m looking at how I can setup an Agile-style environment on Quicksight with one account. I’m aware that usually this is done with different accounts but the company does not want to pay.
The database is Redshift so I thought “What if I had a Development schema and switch the dataset between schemas: Public schema for Live, Develop schema for development?”. Is this feasible?
I know I’d have to re-create the dataset as part of the deployment but it would have the advantage that I am not breaking the Live system at any point.
I have read everything I can find about setting up an Agile system on one account. The closest I get is vague references like “One of the ways is to have multiple accounts” which never mention the other ways of doing it. Surely, someone has done this? It doesn’t have to be fantastic like PowerBI and Azure (oh, how I wish it was), it just needs to separate Development from Live.
Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any ideas you can throw my way.


Have you looked into namespaces?

They are mostly used for multi tenancy, however I believe it could achieve what you are looking for.

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Hi @RichardAustin ,

Have a look at this session : Manage multiple environments in a single QuickSight account: 2023 Amazon QuickSight Learning Series

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Thanks Koushik, that sounds likely to be exactly what I am after.