Shading the area between two lines in a chart

Hi all. I’m trying to make a simple line chart where the area between two lines is shaded. Something like this:
In my case, I know that at every x-value, the y-value of one line (the “upper line”) is guaranteed to be greater than that of the other line (the “lower line”), if that makes it any easier. Is there any way to do this in Quicksight?

Hello @samhooper , welcome to the QuickSight community! This is an interesting question. I did some testing and I found a solution, but it isn’t going to look exactly like this.

What you can try is making a stacked area line chart with the 2 values you want in the field well. Right click the lower line of the 2 and you can switch the color to white so it will only show the filled area between the 2 lines.

Unfortunately this will only show as a single color and not a color for each line with a filled in area in between, but I think it gets you closer to the outcome you are looking for.

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Thanks for the welcome! I was a aware of the stacked area chart trick, but I was wondering if there was an official way to do it. It looks like there isn’t, unfortunately.

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@samhooper yeah, unfortunately I think this is the closest solution currently available for this specific use case. If I discover a better way to display a visual like this, I will definitely let you know! Good luck on your dashboarding!

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