Shared Folder ownership upon User deletion

Hi Team,

Working on a JML process for the company.
Lets say a shared folder structure been set up by the admin user. The department head is been given owner access for the folder and has created some dashboard and analyses dataset etc. If the team also been the owner of the bucket, but the department head leave the company so the account will be deleted will the team still able to access the uploaded date to the shared folder or its need to be transferred first?
Thank you

“With QuickSight Enterprise Edition, dashboards, analyses, and datasets—whether owned by a user or shared with them—exist within the user’s QuickSight account and can be accessed via the asset-specific details page or search. All assets continue to be displayed via these pages, while those added to specific folders become visible via the folders view.”

Yes they will still be able to access that folder. Being the owner allows that individual to delete, add resources, and share that folder with other individuals. If that user leaves quicksight that folder will still be available to individuals.

However, if no one else is an owner of that folder then no one will be able to delete, add resources or share the folder. But they will still be able to see the resources in that folder.

Hope that makes sense.

Thank you very much that what I was though.