Sharing dashboards with particular user

Hi, I have "n’ number of dashboard in QuickSight .I want to show dashboard for that particular user and rest all dashboard will not be visible to that user. user can see only his dashbaord .how to achieve this in Quicksight

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If you want to achieve the described behavior via the QuickSight console (UI):
When you publish an analysis as a dashboard, it is by default not shared with anyone else. You can choose the share the dashboard with with individual users and groups as described in the linked documentation.

If you want to achieve the desribed behavior via the APIs:
For the dashboard that you want to share with that particular user, you can call the UpdateDashboardPermissions API and provide the ARN of that particular user that you want to share access to the dashboard with (An example is provided here). To verify permissions of a specific dashboards, you can use the DescribeDashboardPermissions API.

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