Show date range instead of week number in Pivot visual

Hi all, for a few weeks I am trying to figure out how can I show date range for my pivot table visual.

Issue - I have created a pivot showing weekly values for Customer feedbacks (from monday to sunday).
The problem I face here is I want to show the date range, eg - 10th May 2023 to 17th may 2023.
However, in the quicksight I only get the functionality to show the starting date only or the option to show the week number.
How can I achieve the showing date range in the header for the table?


This may help you

Naveed Ali

Hi @Naveed , thanks for sharing the link.
Here I was able to set the week start date. But the issue currently I am facing is showing the date range on the pivot chart.
In the screenshot you may see week mentioned 46 & 45 in header, instead I want to show date range there (13th Nov to 19th Nov, and 6th Nov to 12th Nov).

hi, you can try this:
toString(truncDate(‘WK’,{date})), ‘-’ , toString(addDateTime(6,‘DD’,truncDate(‘WK’,{date})))
In this first we get week start date and then add 6 days to that so that we can get week end date. And convert those in to string and concat them.

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Thanks @ali , this helped.

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