Show/Hide values on chart and in legend

I’m trying to figure out how to show/hide a value on a chart. For example below, the user may want to show or hide the budget. I have this working except the Budget value still appears in the legend even though the bars are hidden. Is there any way to do this where it can be taken off of the chart completely when hidden?



Hi @CoreyLeichty
You can use the same parameter to hid/ show a plain insight or white background image to lay on top of the legend value as shown in the attached image. This is a simple extension of your current solution.

Please let us know if this works


Hi, thanks for the workaround! I see a few potential concerns, like if the widgets get shifted around due to screen size, will this widget on top still be in the correct place. Also, widgets scale in embedded scenarios and not sure if it will always be correct either.

It would be helpful if one or both of the following features could be implemented:

  1. A value should hide in the legend if the value is hidden in the chart.

  2. Building on the proposed workaround, if you place a widget on top of another one, you should be able to multi select them and “Group” them together so they become one selection. Grouping/ungrouping objects is very common in design tools.


I’ll mark as a feature request

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Totally agree on the grouping/ungrouping of widgets. I frequently wish that was available.

Another proposed work around…
Create a calculated field that sets ‘DynamicBudget’ to equal ‘hide’ (or any other string) when your Budget parameter is set to ‘Hide’. Otherwise it continues to set your values to their current state.

Now I make that calculated field my “Group/Color” for the bar chart. and since my parameter is set to ‘Hide’ all my budget records are shown as ‘hide’ in the legend. From there I can right click on 'hide and select ‘Exclude hide’. This will remove records labeled ‘hide’ from the chart and the legend.

when I change my parameter to ‘Show’ the budget records go back to their previous label of ‘DynamicBudget’, so they are once again visible in the table.

hope this helps, good luck!

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