Show just 1 value in List filter option and put by default "select all"

I have 2 values in a field, say Y and N. Each row in my data set is either with flag Y or N. I want to put this filter but do not want to give control to user to select Y. I want either select all or N. I achieved this functionality using filter and control as list where I show just custom value N. So my filter now show either “select all” or “N”. This works fine on data when selected in filter. But the bug is that when I select just N, data and charts are filtered for N but in filter control panel, filter stays with “select all” which confuse user whether filter is applied or not. I tried few things but not able to get a workaround of this bug. Any help is appreciated.

Hi @KushalKumar
You can use a parameter to get “N” or “All” and use it in a calculated field on which you can apply filter.



It works. Thank you very much!