"Show relevant values only" option for control still includes incorrect value (last selected value)

I’m using “Show relevant values only” to filter the dropdown options of one control based on the selection in another control. For the most part this works as expected, however the last selected value remains in the dropdown even though it isn’t valid/a relevant value. Is it possible to exclude this value from the dropdown control?

Hi @jschmitt, thanks for the feedback. This is a known request to have a configurable way to clear the selection for the child control, we are going to work on it soon. Currently, you can click the reset of the control to clear the selection.

Hi @emilyzhu, thanks for getting back to me. Could you give an approximate time frame for the delivery of this feature? Even if it isn’t too specific it would be helpful.

We should be able to enable it around Q4 this year.

Hi @jschmitt, Can you please give the estimation time for this feature?

Hi, bumping this post as I’m currently running into similar issue… has this feature already been added?
Thank you!