"show relevant values only" with parameters as control issue

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I use parameters as controls and filters. Those parameters have default value “All” and controls option “Drop down - multiselect”, values – linked to dataset. For example, I added controls Country and Region. Region has “Show relevant values only” with Country. When I add this “Show relevant values only” to region it has changed from Drop Down to Search. When I choose one country – region became as drop down with correct list of regions. When I select all in country drop down – region still showing as drop down, not search. So, by default region control showing as search, but when I select something and deselect in country drop down – region will be drop down.

If I don’t use parameters – everything works correctly.

Is there an option to show region as drop down by default, without clicking on another control? Does anyone has same issue?


this may help you

Naveed Ali

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The dropdown list changes to a search box when it contains more than 1000 values. I’m guessing you have more than 1000 regions in your dataset. That’s why when you select all countries, it changes to a search box. When you select one country and use the “Show relevant values only” option, it changes to a dropdown because now the list is shorter than 1000.

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@Naveed Thanks! I watched this video, guy creating 2 filters for 17 minutes, nothing about my issue, but thanks for respond!

@David_Wong Not quite so. When i selecting all countries, after selecting one - it shows me drop down with all regions, not search box. The problem when you open dashboard first time - it shows search, because of parameter. When i do same controls, but without parameters - everything works as expected.