Show Top 3 category with sum in ha and % of top 3 category of Total category in Quicksight

For Ex: I have 10 category with their sum in ha. I need to show Top 3 category with sum and % of top 3 category of total category. how to show and which visual is perfect to show this type of example in Quicksight
Example category and sum in ha
1 category = 100 ha
2 category = 90 ha
3 category = 80 ha

*Sum of 3 category is 80% of Total sum of category

You can do a top and bottom filter to get the top 3 categories.

For your sum you could simply do a kpi sum.

In regards to your percentage that will be a little more.

I would make a calculated field add that to a kpi and then add the same top and bottom filter.

sumOver(sum({ha}) ,[] )/avg(sumOver({ha} ,[],PRE_FILTER))

this calculated field is not working,… giving error

Ok. What’s your error?