Show top X instead of top 3 insights


I would like to know if it is possible to increase the number of items showed in the insight box.

Top Top.itemsCount > 1Top.itemsCount for total Top.metricField.nameTop.itemsCount > 1 are:Top.itemsCount < 5 is:


Top.items[index].categoryValue.formattedValue with Top.items[index].metricValue.formattedValue

I tried to change 3 to 5 but it still shows 3…

any help

thank you

Hi @remba87,

You can do this by clicking on the Edit icon in Computations and changing the number of results.


that was easy :).

I have another question…when I do the insights with the date comparison, I think it can be a little misleading.

If I compare for example with the precious month, and I am at the beginning of a new month (Like today 02/11/2023)there is a huge differences in the values.

Is it possible to have something like last month with 2 months before?