Show total of groups in stacked bar chart tooltip

Is there anyway to show the total of all of the groups in a stacked bar chart tooltip?

See the following image for an example:


try this one.

Hi Naveed, thanks for the quick response. The Show aggregations checkbox doesn’t change anything. My goal is to show the “Total” row in my mock up image. Currently, that doesn’t seem to be available in QS.


do you see the fields in the tooltip menu?

There you can add fields. You can create a calculated field, where you calculate your total and then you can add this calculated field with the button “Add field”.

I can see that. I’m not trying to add another field, I’m looking to get the sum of the entries in the amount_usd field. Basically, what would the sum be if I removed the Group/Color variable.

The way to do that is to create a calculated field that calculates the sum and to add that field to your tooltip. There’s currently no other way.


yes, i understand.


with sumOver(sum(amount_usd),[PARTITION]) you get the sum of your values and can insert it as a field.

its not the best solution, but this way you get the sum in the tooltip

Is there any way to submit this as a feature request?

Hi Zach, This feature has been noted as a feature request. I will add it to the backlog