Show user selected date range from filter in other Visual titles


I have a date field in data source. I have attached a date filter to that field and added the same as a control inside the analysis sheet (not as a top control). Now as our dashboard is a lengthy one, as we scroll down the analysis sheet user at times lose track of the date range selected in the filter. So we are trying to add the date range selected by the user along with visual titles. Is there any way to add that information in visual titles/ subtitles? We don’t want to stick the control to top of sheet.

Any help would be much appreciated

Hello @Philip - I believe this can be achieved through the Format Visual → Edit Title navigation. Please see the below snapshot and let me know if this is what you are looking for. Hope this helps!

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Thanks once again for your suggestions. Did you mean to create two separate DateFrom and DateTo Parameters and then use it in Visual Titles? This then also mean, I need to drop the existing filter control and add a new filter to the visuals to check the date field for date ranges in data using these two parameters. Seems like that is the only way to get the user selected date range from filter into a parameter

Existing control

Use the two created parameters in Filter condition

@Philip - That’s exactly, what I meant. In fact, that’s the way I implemented it in one of my use cases. Hope that helps!

Thanks for the clarification. It would have been better if there was an easy way to get the selected date range from filter into a parameter directly just like in navigation action. The problem here is now we need to have a total of 3 controls just for this date control. One for dateFrom, Another dateTo and another one to put a small hyphen (-) between these two controls. With Quicksight having the restriction of only 30 controls allowed per sheet, we are unnecessarily wasting additional 2 visuals just for this date filter.

Anyway thanks for the help!!

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