Showing global total and regional breakdown for a percentage calculated field

Hi, besides Pivot Tables with total, is there any chart that can show both the global total and regional breakdown for a percentage? A stacked bar chart only shows the actual percentages summed up, example if region A is individually 10% (5/50) for calculated field XYZ, region B for the same field XYZ is individually 5% (5/100), it shows 15% as total, instead of 6.67% (which is the global percentage).

A donut chart almost works: it shows the total and the regional breakdown, but the regional % are then shown as numbers only if choosing the ‘show Values only’ data label option, with no way to format back to percentage (see image).

Is there any way to show the global total and region breakdown side by side?

Hi, as part of the data label formatting for donut chart, 3 options are available -value only, percent only, value and percent. Use the value and percent option to see both numbers and % of total.

You can also create a calculated field using function - percentOfTotal - Amazon QuickSight

Hi, thanks for the reply. However, I don’t want to see the percentOfTotal, each individual slice itself is it’s own % (calculated field) already. So I just want Value only, but it is a percentage calculated field (formatted also as a percentage) but shown as a decimal as in the original image.

Instead I would like 0.91 to be shown as 91%, 1 to be shown as 100% , etc.

Can you format the numbers as a percent?

You can also pick percent only for the metric label.