Showing % instead of Count on Line Chart


I have the following visual where we are plotting days case count across different groups

the requirement is to show the values in % instead of absolute count. When I use the percent of function it gives me the values of % of Grand total. What we need is a percent of the given axis(date / Hour). IS there a way to achieve this in Quicksight?

I think you’re looking for partitions.

,[ partition_field, … ]

Whatever your x-axis field is you can include it in the partition field.

You also might want to look into truncDate to group dates.

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Hi Max, Thanks for your reply. [percentOfTotal] doesn’t accept Date as a partition field. I did try this.

can you cast it to a string? toString(date)

Hi @Max , We are able to use Dates also as a partition field. I think the earlier error was due to Syntax issue. Partition field has to be within which was missed. Its working perfectly fine.

I hope Quicksight makes this PercentOf function much more dynamic and takes the partition field automatically based on the graph in which the measure is used on!