Showing More Smal Multiples With Filter


I have issue on my pie chart, i want to showing only top 2 of the year on the chart, i’m using small multiples by year to showing another year on pie chart, i can add filter and choose “top n bottom” on filter to showing top 2 year, but when i add year filter as a integer on the sheet and apply to pie chart, the pie chart only showing specific year and other year not showing, the question is how to define filter or parameter to showing top 2 year (int) on pie chart with filter?


hi @ringgo,

Thanks for reaching out, I want to make sure I understand your requirements. Referring to above example, if you apply a filter to show data for year = 2020, and if 2021 and 2022 years are your top two performing years, you want the multiple chart to show 2021 and 2022 even if you want to see data only for 2020. So top two filters should ignore other filters.If that’s the case, can you please share your use case scenario.


hi @DeepakS,

regarding the data i have data 2022, 2021, 2020, etc and i have 1 filter year on the sheet. The scenario is, when i select 2022 on filter so the pie chart will show data 2022 (same with filter year) and 2021 (last year), so the filter will show 2 pie charts (selected year and last year).


@ringgo, you can use a parameter to create a filter control and then create a calculated field as below and use this calculated field to apply as filter on the small multiple pie chart visual.
Calculated field - ifelse(Year=${pYear},1,Year=${pYear}-1,1,0)
Year is integer year column and $pYear is the parameter.
Above calculated field will be set to 1 whenever the integer year column will be either equal to selected parameter control value or 1 less than selected parameter control value (based on your example, this calculated value will be 1 for year 2022 and 2021 if 2022 is selected in the drop down filter control).

Hope this helps to address your issue.