Simplest method to migrate a dashboard to another account

I have 2 dashboards in an account and would like to be able to migrate them to other accounts.
I would like to know what method is the simplest one available at the moment . I see from other posts that there are improvements being made in this area and I also heard that dashboard versioning will be available in the future so I would like to look at the latest documentation for this. Thanks in advance.

@ptap ,
have a look at this : Choosing between the two export options of the Amazon QuickSight asset deployment APIs | AWS Business Intelligence Blog
The asset bundles should simplify your deployment across accounts.

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Thank you Koushik for the quick answer

I have read the page and have a couple of questions:

  • First am I right that using the QuickSight asset deployment APIs (or asset bundle APIs) described in the document is an improvement on the (old?) method described here: Porting Content :: QuickSight DevOps
    which works at a lower level (one asset is migrated at a time vs a bundle of asset with the new method)?

  • Also, out of the two options for exporting assets: only CLOUDFORMATION_JSON format is described, does it mean that the code is the same for both apart from this option in the export and import?
    –export-format CLOUDFORMATION_JSON \

Thanks in advance

Hi @Koushik_Muthanna
I think the topic has been marked as answered but I was hoping to have an answer on my 2 above questions. Thanks in advance

Hi @ptap,
I can help answer your questions,

On your first point, the newer APIs allow for an easier streamlined way to migrate your assets across environments, particularly because you can bundle assets together without having to lookup the dependent object IDs. The older template based process is still supported and is a robust alternative to migrate your assets if needed.

On your second point, the API calls are similar between the two options as you have noted. The blog does focus in detail on how to set up the cloud formation template for the CLOUDFORMTION_JSON option.
To see details on the QUICKSIGHT_JSON option, please refer to this blog.

Thank you

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Hi @Asem this is great, thanks a lot.

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