Single Sign On setup

Hi Team,

I am searching for proper way to integrate single sign on feature with my product to Quicksight report.
I am trying to achieve is this, If from my system any user get login and they are trying to access quicksight report from quicksight report link placed there. Then how quicksight will allow them to access of report without login ?
But here condition is that, that same user must have assigned permission for that report.

I have read many documents and solutions but I am unable to configure it.
Is there anybody can help me over phone ? or video call ?


It’s probably better that you keep RPM out of quicksight in your use case, and embed the quicksight dashboard to the standalone or principal application.

you can find detailed guidelines here

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Thanks for replying.
So what I understood is that, you are suggesting me to use API.

Can you send me particular page link for only dashboard access / login setup via API ?
Also I have multiple reports so multiple dashboards.

Also I can see there are some SimpleSAML suggestions as well. Can you guide me how to use simpleSAML for SSO form my system and AWS?



You can also have multiple tabs in the same dashboard for different reports.

I don’t believe this article suggested SSO at all. The solution mentioned in the article suggests is; Embed the dashboard in your native application, And handle the user’s authentication role permission through the native application, as this is the out-of-the-box feature for most applications.

You can restrict users to a specific report by having a separate dashboard/report in the QuickSight And don’t have to worry about maintaining users, and permissions in AWS.

@darshana.s, please refer Using external identity federation and single sign-on with Amazon QuickSight on how to enable single sign-on with QuickSight depending on your identity provider.

Post single sign-on, user will be federated in QuickSight and then you can manage that user or group of users permission to actual content such as dashboards, dataset.