Sorting by X axis by manual added field


I need custom sort X axis on charts and as there is no options at QS I made up some filed called Ordering and ordered in Table chart by Ordering. Works superb and when I hide Ordering column no one knows that exist. (ifelse(prob = “<-20.0%”, “A”, others) and so on up to ‘I’

prob Ordering
<-20.0% A
-20.0% - -10.0% B
-10.0% - -5.0% C
-5.0% - -2.0% D
-2.0% - 2.0% E
2.0% - 5.0% F
5.0% - 10.0% G
10.0% - 20.0% H
>=20.0% I

When I try to sort like this at Clustered Bar Combo chart or any other Bar chart all settings are legit just ordering DOESNT work as I meant it. Like that is ignored completly.
At X axis I have chosen PROB column and for sorting I manualy choose ORDERING and is just randomly sort values not from A-I

Am I missing something or is a BUG?

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When you do the custom sort is it looking at the count?

Instead of ordering from A, B, C, etc… can you make it 1,2,3, etc… and sort by the average?

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Tnx for answer, I changed to numbers and same result. When I choose “ordering” column at BAR chart just doesnt work. Average is not available as an options for me.

Hi @matjazz,

I took @Max’s suggestion and made sure the field used for the “sort by” on the bar chart is a measure, then you can average on those values. See my examples below

Let me know if that helps,

Khmm… Can you help me with how to make ifelse and mark as INT? Looks like this is a problem as is set to measure and average is still not an option.

ifelse(prob = “<-20.0%”, ‘1’, “Others”)

OK I changed to INT and changed to AVERAGE and WORKS!

Thanks guys for help!!!