Sorting Visuals

Hello! Is there a way to manually Sort a visual (i.e., NOT be ABC order or ascending/descending)?
Thank you!

By default, quicksight currently support sort by alphabetical or ascending/descending. Can you share your use case for manual sort and how many unique values do you have in this field ?

That is a bummer. A use case is - a dashboard to show AWS Certification counts based on Cert Level: Foundational, Associate, Specialty, and Professional. This should be sorted in this order, not alphabetical or ascending/descending.

if you make another calculated field which assigns a number to each value (in the order you want) like this:
ifelse({cert type} = ‘Foundational’, 1, {cert type} = ‘Associate’, 2 …)

Then in you visual, when you click on the field you want to sort you can choose ‘Sort by->Sort options’ and in there you can choose to sort it by a different field (and you will choose your calculated field, and pick Min).

Thank you, Jesse. I did try this, but the Cert Level is displayed by color in the legend, so it then labels the legend as 1, 2, 3, 4. Is there a way to rename them in the legend?

Unfortunately there is no way to rename the legends. However you shouldn’t need to reference the Cert Level if you are sorting on it. You can use a regular field in your group by and then sort based on the calculated field that has your sorting logic.