SP Initiated SAML Using Big-IP

Has anyone gotten SP initiated auth flow working using a Big-IP as the IDP? I am having a hard time getting this working and can’t seem get the flow to work. I can get it to work when I have Quicksight redirect to IAM Identity Center which then redirects to the Big-IP but I can’t get it working with QuickSight initiating the flow directly to the Big-IP.

Hi @Nicholas1 First of all, welcome to the QuickSight community :slight_smile:

Could you please let us know the steps that you have followed when configuring QuickSight directly with Big-IP and also please provide more details on the errors that you’re facing along with relevant screenshots?

This would allow the community members to provide relevant suggestions. Thanks.

Hi @Nicholas1 - can you share additional details with screenshot or any errors that you see while setting up SP initiated auth flow?


Hi @Nicholas1 - Since we have not received a response from you on this question, we are going to archive the question. If you still need this question answered, please create a new question topic.