Space window size

I got this problem:

I would receive new data each second, so the date column will look like this:

2022/01/01 15:00:00
2022/01/01 15:00:01
2022/01/01 15:00:02
2022/01/01 15:00:03
2022/01/01 15:00:04
2022/01/01 15:00:05
2022/01/01 15:00:06
2022/01/01 15:00:07

I need to insert all of them each single 15 minutes with the SPÌCE Capacity, but the least window size is 1 hour, so they do not get insert in the Dataset that I create in AWS.

Is it possible to fix it?


If you are not deleting old data from your table, then the window size of 1 hour should replace (remove and reingest) existing data for the past 1 hour. You need to confirm that the query that is running for the incremental ingest is actually finishing and is not actually stuck on your datasource.

Thx for the info, the problem is the incremental ingest will not finish ever… because it will be inserted 1 row each second in my datasource, how can I fixed this?

So you are suspecting that QuickSight is remaining stuck fetching new rows as they are written in your table, correct? This is a possibility but would be rather strange if QuickSight behaved in that way. Of course, it is best if we get someone from QuickSight’s technical team to confirm whether or not this is how incremental ingestion works underneath the hood.

But I would expect that each incremental ingestion fires a single query to your datasource. If the datasource does not handle that query optimally (example is missing some indexes), that query will never return and eventually times out. You may check for this by looking at the queries being executed on your datasource while incremental ingestion is running.