SPICE capacity Consumed by User Role

We have a QuickSight Account with authors spanning across teams . I would like to monitor the total SPICE capacity consumed and also break out the consumption by team . Is there a way to do that ?
Monitoring data in Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight would provide the aggregated metric for SPICE capacity consumed.

Trying to compute SPICE capacity by using the API - IngestionSizeInBytes does not equate to whats showing on the QuickSight UI -
For e.g. in UI SPICE Capacity - 3.37TB; Ingestion Size Bytes - 8,776,115,655,759 ; Aggregate metric from cloud watch is 3.54 TB .

You would need to break it down by dataset. And then break that down to the users. You would need to make a decision on how to do that though (Who created it vs. Who owns it vs. Who looks at the dashboards that use the datasets).

In regards to the difference between API and UI I would err to the side of the API. But I mark this as a bug and see if there is a reason why there is a discrepancy.