SPICE Data Refresh Hour behind

Hi. So I am new to Quicksight. I have a dataset that is pulling data from a csv stored in S3. I have the spice scheduled to update every hour. What I am noticing is it is an hour behind.

The current time is 3:00pm
On my analysis/dashboard it shows 1:00 PM
My dataset data when I look at it shows 2:00pm

The next hour at 4:00pm
analysis/dashboard will show the 2:00pm data
dataset will have the refreshed 3:00pm

Why is it an hour behind?

Hi Jnichols6,

Please find below the documentation on how you can set the time zone when refreshing your dataset.




Hi @jnichols6 - Welcome to AWS QuickSight community and thanks for posting the question. If @demola solution worked for you, can you please mark the suggestion as solution. It will help other community members.

Have a good weekend.

Regards - Sanjeeb