SPICE dataset dashboard performance

I have a SPICE dataset with approx 5 million rows, 9GB size. In my analysis the performance seems to be really bad. Table viz takes 10-20 to refresh. Crosstab is quicker to display data, but the sub totals/totals take longer to appear. I have a variety of calculated fields, different levels of aggregation across different visuals and tabs. I’m only doing count distinct in one viz.

I can’t understand why analysis takes so long to display data. I thought SPICE was ultra performant and scalable. I’m sure the performance on similar sized data sets was better previously, but I have no measurable way of proving it!!

Is there any list of tips in the documentation about how to get the best performance for an analysis?

Hi Jon, the SPICE performance depends on many factors (calculated fields, data cardinality, data types etc).

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