SPICE incremental refresh using epoch time?

We are using Athena/DynamoDB as our data source and trying to configure incremental SPICE refreshes. I have an epoch timestamp for each record but no other date fields in my dataset. Is there a way an incremental refresh can use this field? Right now Quicksight is telling me I don’t have a valid date field. I use calculated fields to transform my dates for visualizations but I presume SPICE can’t use this as they care calculated after the fact.

I don’t think it can use that.

Can you convert that to field to a date field?

Something like in these examples.

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The data is coming from AWS IoT so it looks like I’m limited to the functions for data transformation, Functions - AWS IoT Core.

I found another date field (w/out time) that wasn’t being populated properly because its name is “date” which is probably reserved. When I did a “SELECT AS new_field_name” it started populating correctly. Even though the date doesn’t have a time SPICE can still use it for a daily refresh. Thanks all.