SPICE limit exceeds available space, dataset deleted but the Spice memory is not reduced

I am getting a SPICE error because one of the users created a large dataset using SPICE, I had everyone delete all of the datasets and datasources but I still get the SPICE error. How can I get a SPICE exceeded error with no datasets since they were all removed? No matter what I do the limit used stays the same which exceed available space? Also, all of a sudden since the SPICE was exceeded I can no longer see any of the Athena tables? Is this expected? Basically we are evaluating this product and everything stopped working due to what appears to be a SPICE issue? How do I clear this?

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I am sorry to hear that SPICE does not release the space you deleted. would you be able to file a case with AWS Support where we can dive into the details so that we can help you further. Here are the steps to open a support case.

I just tested that the lookup the Athena table when creating dataset shouldn’t be affected by the overcapacity of SPICE, as it still allows to create Direct Query dataset.

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Okay I will, we have no explanation why it stopped working and figured it was the SPICE issue? And we cannot clear the SPICE error so no way to verify that is the issue, we are basically dead in the water and cannot purchase this product right now. Other than that the buyers loved the product so hoping we can get around this. Anyway you can up the SPICE limit at no charge for our evalution so we can continue, but should this happen in production we do need a way to fix it?

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Case created, ID #12078025291

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