SPICE took 9 hours plus for ingestion .6 Billion rows.


I am the Community Leader and Community Expert 2022. :slight_smile:

We migrated from Power BI to Quicksight last year. It was amazing shift toward fast and low cost solution as we are already using AWS services(RDS and other).
After one year success store on Quicksight, we are moving to data warehouse with patch of technologies. (Mysql RDS,ETL with Glue, Redshift(data warehouse) for 15+ plus customers.

Today’s, I am doing R&D in context that we have 2 billion transaction in tables.

@Kristin need your support in handling data in Quicksights, as I ingested 0.6 Billion rows in Quicksight, it took 9 hours plus time for ingestion.

My Redshift is in the same account where Glue and Quicksight.

Can we speed it up ?


Naveed Ali

Hi, @Naveed! Messaged you on your Community account and sent an email. We’d like to put you in touch with someone from our team. Let us know the info requested, and we’ll follow up. Thx!

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