SQL Editor colors

I got this question archived:

but the answer is not what I was looking for, Quicksight has a built in theme for query editing which shows clauses such as “SELECT”, “WHERE”, etc. in blue, numbers in green and so on. I am not referring to a custom theme like in VSCode. The problem is it does not always work.

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Hi @Zeke,

I think this is what you’re referring to.

I think this might be a bug. Sometimes I see the different colors like in the above screenshot and at other times I see everything in black. I can’t tell if there’s a pattern. Even for the same dataset the behaviour changes.

@Zeke my apologies on that. I think I misunderstood the initial message, but you are right. If it isn’t displaying those specific SQL clauses consistently, that definitely seems like a bug.

I can tag this ticket as such to try to sort out a fix within Quicksight. Thanks for following up even after I archived it!

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