SQL Query - data not previewing

Hi there,

my data is taking too long to preview and hence I am not able to use it in a dashboard. The error says: Preview timed out. You can save and visualize data, or try again.

Even if i try to visualize the data, this would be empty. It seems like my data is too big but how can I solve this issue?
Anyone has suggestions?


Hi @Patrizia_Buompastore - the query timeout for the data preview is 1 min. You can still save your data set and use it in an analysis, but the timeout for any give visual to load is 2 min, so if the query for that visual takes longer than that then we will need to find a different solution.

How many rows are in your data set? Did you try importing it into SPICE? SPICE currently supports up to 500 million rows per data set (and the query timeout is something like 10 hours to import the data to SPICE).