Stacked area chart by ratio


I would like to know if there is a way to create a stacked area chart that is added up to 100% and each category on this chart will get a ratio in accordance to its portion.
I attached an image of example to this kind of chart.


Thanks for reaching out. QuickSight can do this with the column chart, but not currently with the Area chart. We will take a look at this for a future release.


Is this calc a workaround for now?

sumOver(count({requests_info_nte_and_sme}), [day])

requests_info_nte_and_sme is my category

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This worked for me. In my situation this was my calculated field:

sumOver({endpoint_distinct_count}, [{date_drill_down}])

I then created a stacked area line chart and set missing data to show as 0.