Starting weeks on Monday? Show gaps on custom weekly groupings

Good morning!
I would like to inquire a little bit, hoping it doesn’t bother too much if already exists but gauging if there is actual interest for this if it isn’t.

I am working for a client in the restaurant industry, in a country that is not the USA, and in the industry (and frankly, in most of the places I’ve grown up) the week starts on monday.
This in itself is not a problem with basic things as I already created a custom week grouping for all datasets showing the data, but when data is missing, I can’t find a way to show the gaps without the line graphs becoming points. I understand that I can just group the dates weekly and accept an offset of days in the date axis (it would highlight the sundays, even though the data would be grouped by monday), but client and the users are not technologically inclined so they would ask for a fix to “show mondays, not sundays!” even if I explain. It is more of a confusion thing.

So, my question is if we could find a better way to calculate monday to monday to properly use the normal options on Quicksight, or even if there could be a Quicksight option to turn start of the week to monday (that would be a livesaver, I have all my window and periodical calculations duplicated for my custom week field and doing so I could just use the normal fields and options).

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Thank you for reaching out. Based on your question, I believe you are aware of how this can be achieved via calculations, but you are looking for a way to specify in the analysis that the week starts on Monday with a simple user experience that doesn’t require such a calculation. We’ll bookmark this and definitely keep it under consideration for a future release.


Hi Sean!

Yes, I am aware that it can be done via calculations and this is the way I have set up things, but even then there are some visual things that don’t work properly together, and we are planning to pass editor control to our clients, so a seamless ruleset for how to handle dates would be appreciated.

In my case, the big problem I have now is that “showing gaps” in calculated weekly lines and bars is not possible because everything becomes atomized to daily (only monday) level: the date bar is still on a daily scale, so it properly shows the monday dates at the bottom, but in reality I depend on not showing the gaps because there’s nothing between mondays (so now it looks continuous, but it really isn’t). These last two years, with corona, we’ve had a lot of closed periods due to emergency state and similars, so these real gaps are hidden, in the weekly visualizations.

This is an example of the current biggest fight I have with quicksight at the moment. Other things are not priority to the client or not big enough, but I might put a couple more suggestions that might interest other users too.

Thanks for your reply!

Hello Sean, I have the same issue with the visuals I am creating. I just want to know if you have any feedback about this.
Thank you in advance.

Hi AWS Team,
I also require the start of the week to be Monday.
I can do this with calculated fields, however, applying filters in analytics, especially when using rolling dates, for example, previous weeks.
This is an essential feature that really needs to be addressed as it imposes limitations on the ability to create effective reports. I am surprised it hasn’t been resolved yet as it was reported over a year ago.

Hi all, we are currently support custom week start as an out-of-box feature. Please try and let us know if any feedback. Thanks!