Sticky Filters (Applying filters across all tabs/sheets)

I am currently working on a use case that requires applying Sticky filters across all QuickSight sheets/tabs on the analysis. While I have been able to use parameters to make all filters sticky, I am facing an issue with making the date picker - relative, sticky across the analysis.

Although I have created a date parameter, it is only allowing me to choose the granularity of Year, Month, or Week. Additionally, I am required to select either a start date or an end date for that granularity in order to make it sticky.

Is there any way to make the date picker - relative sticky as well?
I would appreciate your suggestions

Thank you in advance for your help.


Currently this is not possible with a range picker like this.

If you made two separate controls with a start and end date that were linked to parameters it could be accomplished. But the range picker is not sticky at the moment.

I can mark it as a feature request.

Sounds good. Thank you Max