Storage Management

While trying to optimize the spice data sets’ storage in my account, I encountered several difficulties:
1- Sort spice’s data sets by size (From large to small)
2- Analyze the frequency which internal users are using specific data set’s dashboard.

Do you have any tools which can help me?

Hi Eldad,
Hope you doing good.

Storage used by dataset not by users.
You can see which dataset using more storage.

Just go to “Manage Quicksight” and click on spice capacity, it will show you all storage detail.

Naveed Ali

SPICE capacity is definitely one of our features that we are enhancing.
At this moment, it can be achieved by using QuickSight API. You can use Describe Data Set API to see each dataset’s SPICE usage.
Then, you can use Describe Dashboard API to see the dataset id using by each dashboard.

Finally, you can check dashboard usage frequency by building a dashboard using this cloudformation template Administrative Dashboard Demo

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