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I am new to quicksight and looking to see is it possible to create a submit button in my dashboard. i don’t want quicksight to run query to fetch data for the visual each time i choose or change some value in the filter. Rather i want to select/filter all the values and finally when i hit the submit button i want these values to be passed to the DataSet parameter and run the query only once for my visual. How can I achieve this in QuickSight.

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At the moment there is no such submit button.

You can achive this behavior by creating multiple parameters. In the first parameter you enter your filter values. This one stores the values till you submit them. The first parameter is not part of a filter.
A second parameter is linked with the filter. So if you enter data here the datasource will be filtered.
Now you have a table or chart with a navigation button. When you activate the action, it will transfer your data from the first into the second parameter.

In the following picture are 3 parameter (p1,p2 and p3). The navigation action writes the value from p1 to p2 and p3.


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