Suggestions on maintaining analysis, dashboards

Hello there,

In my work environment, we have AWS Quicksight SSO with a prod account for development of analysis in quicksight, but then to share this analysis as a dashboard to the end user, we have Okta federated login for the end user. (SSO Quicksight for analysis for development → sharing to end user to their Okta federated quicksight account which means they can’t login to SSO Quicksight)

I’m looking for guidance/suggestions on the best ways to maintain analysis in prod account ( for eg: How do we stage this dashboard for end user approval before pushing the final version) and sharing the dashboards to end users in Okta fed role.
I can leverage using shared folders but wondering if there is any another efficient approach to the above use-case.

Thank you in advance.

A couple of thoughts on my end, let me know if this helps at all.

  1. You can link an analysis to multiple dashboards (i.e Dev & Prd) So you can publish once to dev & see how that looks & then if signed off you can publish to Prd.

  2. You could look into CloudFormation templates & the QuickSight Cli. This is how we make updates to dashboards / analysis across accounts and share them. Here is the process we do. You make a dashboard in your dev account, get sign off, then create a template from that dashboard, share that template with the new account, in Cloud Formation link to that template, then run update in Cloud Formation.

Hope any of these help

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