SUM of 2 column

Hi Team,

How to add 2 column data which contain entry as 1.
ex: column1 column2
0 1
0 5



Hi nandu,
the question is not clear. Can you provide csv file with data ? (In the example you typed above, it is not clear if space is separating value in multiple columns. What are the values of column1 and column2 in rows 2 and 3?)

Is the answer that you want to get 2? How is this 2 computed?

In general, to add values of 2 columns you can create a calculated column with expression column1+column2
If values of column1 and column2 need to be aggregated before adding them together, e.g. you want to compute average of column1 and column 2 using dimensions in the visual and then add them together, you can use expression similar to avg(column1)+avg(column2)

Hi Tatyana Yakushev,

As per the attached image we need task specific count. Here in ACC how many critical error and AMA how many critical error along with that total error under AMA , ACC with filter in column D= completed and R-A.

Hi @nandu, if I understand the request correctly, you would like to add all error counts (critical and non-critical), with a filter on Task = ACC and status = completed or R-A, or Task = AMA. You can use sumif function in QuickSight:
sumif(critical_error_count, (Task = ACC and status = completed or R-A) or Task = AMA) + sumif(noncritical_error_count, (Task = ACC and status = completed or R-A) or Task = AMA)

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@nandu : What is the expected output? It will be good if you can share the problem statement and input and expected output so that it will help all of us to understand and suggest the solution.

Regards - San

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