Sum Over DistinctCount with Different Agg Levels

I am trying to calculate the cost of different job types over the total number of operations over a date range. For this, I have a date_granularity calculated field that is truncating the date part of the depending on the user choice date_parameter:


The cost field is calculated as follows:

    [{date_granularity}, {job_type}]

The distinct count uses the same calculated field for the partitions and is called num_operations_in_window:


When I try to divide the two fields:

I get the error:

The Level Aware Calculation (LAC) aggregate functions inside one visual aggregate functions should always share the same grouping key

Is there some workaround to this? I just want to divide those two fields (first one is job_type_cost and the second one is num_operations_in_window):
Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 11.17.01 AM

Hi @juan_camilo_puello , welcome to the QuickSight community!

I see your numerator that is {job_type_cost} has both {date_granularity}, {job_type} in the group by and only {date_granularity} for {num_operations_in_window} calculation or the denominator. Is that how you want your final metric to be calculated?

Hey @salim ! Yes, the requirement is to take the whole number of operations in that window even if the job was applied on less operations.