Sum value remove decimal part

This bug happens to one of my datasets, due to confidentiality issue I can’t share pic here.

The problem is I have a column named “qty” which stands for quantity, and it is “Decimal” type in quicksight. In a table visualization (or pivot table or any others), when I use max, min, avg to aggregate, the result can show decimal part, however, if I use sum, then the decimal disappear.

E.g., one record has qty of 1.8, max, min and avg all produce 1.8, but sum gives 1. I use 4 digit place to show the data, can sum gives 1.0000.

Pls help!


just change the formate of the calculated field.
just like given below its percentage you can use it to change in number and chose your formate what you want :slight_smile: