Summary of conditionally formatted table field

I have a table with cells showing sales value, group by region. Based on the threshold of the sales value, the cells are conditionally formatted as Green, Yellow, and Red. I would like to show a summary at the bottom of the table, that would let me know the total #region that is green. Ifelse with countif is not working in this case.

I’m assuming it’s because your table has groups while your total does not.

Maybe you can try something like this.

countOver(ifelse(sumOver(sum({arrival_timestamp_int}),[{client_id[users]}])>1000, ‘Count’,NULL))

Hi Max,

Thank you for your reply. I am new to this community. One question - what is {client_id[users]}]? This is the field you were testing with in your dataset?
Also, I have attached the screenshot of the table that I am working with in the QuickSight dashboard. For data security purpose, I created this mock table.
My requirement is at the end of the table I have to show a summary that will show total number of customers that has all four product value in green status.
The product value cells are formatted(the color red, yellow, and green) based on calculated fields and conditional formatting. Hence, when I am using condition as ‘Green’, and trying to count, it is giving me error.

Yes that calculation is based off of my dataset. You will need to fit it for yours.

Essentially you need a way to separate out the groups in your calculation.